Wednesday, 13 November 2013

How the webdeisgn going?

How the webdesign going? Going good... or are your struggling to come up with original ideas.. many website designers seem to want to create generic wannabe creative designs for there websites.. trying to show off there skills trying to be like other webdesign websites but the end result is simply boring and just like all the others. It is best to be different especially in the creative sector, but that's this thing with webdeisgn... because it requires other technical skills like coding people often aren't creative enough designers to make something unique and just steal with whatever everyone else is doing... how bland. If you really want to stand out and make your webdesign better than everyone else you must throw out thte rule book.. yes there are some rules and a balance you must get with webdeisgn.. read here about this webdeisgn balance you site must have! But dont let the rules dictate to you what your website must be.. make it as interactive as you can.. but like the article I just linked to says you must not loose your message by making everything to surreal and obscure either.. it is a careful balance between design and structure.... but many web designers just go for structure all the time and copy each others unoriginal designs.. I think that why we seem to get web design trends at the moment it is big full page pictures.. a different full page picture as you scroll... yawn! Think differently and you will go far trust me...You probably say that this is rich just look at my blog design.. well that because I have not had time to be creative with this blog yet... plus this blog is my personal blog rather than a business so it can look really rubbish as I dont really care I just use it to post. Be inspired and dont look at other webdesigns for inspiration instead look more deeply into the art world and find inspiration from things around you!

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