Sunday, 6 October 2013

Adobe illustrator and photoshop are a lot of money

Adobe illustrator is a lot of money but why? My guess is that adobe does not make its sells selling to the masses but makes its big profits selling to real businesses who need legit copies of graphics software like illustrator and Photoshop... (Seeing as crackers seem to crack everything moments after a piece of software is released now). So this means anyway that photoshop and illustrator have been deisnged for professionals so they do not include any newby features and will make everything as advance and sophisticated as they can... after all why should adobe create features for people who obviously are using a cracked version and not professional graphic designers. That being said recently i joined a graphic design company who let me use their version of adobe illustrator and photoshop and my goodness do you need to know what your doing to be able to invest that huge sum of money for these products... I thought using adobe illustrator would be easy but its not... The penn tool is how you draw vectors and lines but my gosh is that tool annoying its not simple at all...... I guess to scare the noobs away... I started out by drawing a straight line and then i wanted to bend that line but couldn't... Im not really a computer designer so i have no idea how to use these graphic softwares properly.. and im still looking a affordable alternative to photoshop and illustrator with a vector line drawing tool that is not like the pen tool in illustrator or photoshop.. you know of one please let me know by commenting below! Much appreciated thanks.

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