Wednesday, 13 November 2013

How hard is seo?

Search engine optimization if I am going to be honest with you is very hard indeed.  You can work and work and abide by the search engines rules yet still get nowhere! Many big company's dominate the search results and that the way search engines like it.. as this means the only possible way for small guys to show up and be found is simply if they buy ads at the top! This comes at a huge loss for small businesses and a huge gain for search engines.. after all this is how search engines make there money and by penalizing more and more website means more and more people are forced to buy ads r face disappearing... to compete with big company's you will need a lot of links form loads of places... and if the search engines dont like your links they will banish you from the search results it is quite evil what they can do this to peoples businesses but because the people running the search engines are evil pigs then its all fine and dandy how they see it... more money for them who cares if other go hungry........ In fact some search engine engineers even mock small businesses and "spammers!" which is quite sickening really the fat pigs! Anyway rant over! have a nice day... Oh yeah before I forget go check out the indiadaily internet section they are always criticizing the stupid search engines and the stupid pigs over there quite funny and they are quite right too!

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