Sunday, 6 October 2013

Auto content writer review

I decided to write a honest review today about the seo software auto content writer.. i bought this piece of auto content creation software for seo some months ago and have hardly used this piece of junk and i am starting to think the whole auto content writer project has been abandoned as it hasn't been updated since i bought it. I got auto content writer because everyone over on the gsa forum said it was good so i went ahead and got it.... WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY.. honestly i chose not to get wicked article creator and got this piece of rubbish instead all because i thought seeing as auto content writer was more money then it would be better.. but i was wrong.. so very wrong. It seems that auto content writer is nothing more than a gimmick with very limited and rubbish features that produce nonsense and if that wasn't enough UNIQUE CONTENT! Auto content writer does not have a built in word spinner so the content it produces is not unique at all and easily picked up by search engines as being scraped from other websites.... Not only that but all the other features are lousy too.. like it can only scrape content from a select few article directory's and all it basically does is mix up sentences together from scraped articles and then throws ina  few random images and videos a long with some links...... and that basically it.. hardly worth the money when you have got wicked article creator that does a lot more for less money and you got a scrapebox plugin now that is only a couple quid that does even more and has its own built in spinner too which produces better results then auto content rubbish. I say dont waste your money on auto content writer if you want to get anywhere with seo. In fact i no longer use any auto content creation software when doing seo.. i just now write all quality content and only link naturally to websites i like and i have had better results then i have had with rubbish black hat software.

(I know this isn't strictly about design but seeing as though seo and web design go hand in hand i thought id also talk about seo on this blog as well.. hope you dont mind folks)

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